Zero Carbon Footprint
Socially Responsible
Sustainable Production
Made in iceland

Strive to Become Most Sustainable & Socially Responsible Accessory Brand

We very much care for our planet and its people.
It is Njorð byELEMENTS’ Vision to become the most sustainable and socially responsible accessory brand.

Zero Carbon Footprint

Our leather tannery in Sauðárkrókur (Iceland) uses only renewable energy for its production of salmon leather. 100% of the electricity supply is from a Hydro Electric power plant.

The warm water derives from hot springs close to the town where the factory is located. The total power usage is therefore CO2 neutral.

Socially Responsible

We value social responsibility as a core part of our brand's DNA. This isn’t just a brand ethos – it’s a code of conduct we take seriously by ensuring that our factory and subcontractors meet Social Accountability standards.

We care for our planet. The Salmon Leather we use in our products comes from food farming industry and is produced with zero-carbon-footprint.

Sustainable production

We strive for sustainability, and we pride ourselves in the fact that all products going through our factory is all a by-product from other industries such as agricultural industries or the food industry.

No animal is killed with the sole purpose of collecting its skin.

Sustainable & Socially Responsible

Elegantly designed, handcrafted accessories for Apple devices made from Premium Icelandic salmon leather.

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