Case Care

1880x970 px
Care Information for Salmon Leather

The tanning process of salmon leather is similar yet very different to that of conventional leather.
Very similar to any other natural leathers, under the influence of sweat, oils etc.
also our salmon leather changes with age and build patina based on use and abuse.

Our salmon leathers have been treated with a hydrophobic solution comparable to a water repellent treatment.
Repellent doesn't mean resistant, so although sprinkles of water repel, continuous contact will soak the leather.

When your case is wet, the leather looks very dark.
Please use a paper towel or tissue to soak up most of the water and do let the case or watch strap dry proper via natural drying.
Its not recommended to use a hairdryer or any other heat source to speed up the drying process as heat could damage the leather.

To take good care of your case we recommend to use paper tissue (such as disposable tissue, paper kitchen towel or toilet paper) to remove some dirt from your case.
Before cleaning your case, ensure your case is dry as otherwise the dirt is smeared across the case into the creases of the scale pockets.
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