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The Njord iPhone 14 Collection

07 Sep 2022

…and its official!

Our friends from Cupertino have just officially announced the new iPhone 14 Series during the ‘Far Out’ Apple Event and they are as gorgeous as we already knew they would be.

The iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max are beautiful, but what makes them even more gorgeous is…. Our new Njord cases.

With the iPhone 14 Series officially announced we also can finally announce what we have been preparing behind the scenes. And it is our biggest launch ever!

Our Premium Icelandic Salmon Leather collection for the iPhone 13 was already highly sustainable, as we are upcycling the salmon skins from the food industry - which then are processed to leather with 0-carbon footprint in our tannery in Iceland utilizing the countries amazing natural energy resources.

Striving to become the most sustainable fashion accessory brand (its good to put the bar high), we have pushed the sustainability to the next level for our iPhone 14 collection. 

More Colors.
More Materials.
More Sustainable!

And since…

Less is more - we made our case 33% thinner, yet still it offers the same 2m drop protection.

For the iPhone 14 we have evaluated every material used on our case are have selected sustainable options for all:

Drop Case - changed to more sustainable material. All cases from the iPhone 14 collection are now made from 100% GRS Recycled Plastics. This even includes small parts like the logo and camera detail. 

Inlay’s - Our signature sustainable Icelandic Salmon Leather is back again for the iPhone 14 series, but we are also introducing 2 additional amazing, sustainable and tactile materials. 

  • Suede, Comfort+ by Gabriel, Denmark. A beautiful smooth, soft and durable material with a sophisticated and unique tactile feel. Made with 38% recycled fibers.
  • Fabric, Tonal & Just by Gabriel, Denmark. Both fabrics are intricate yet soft with a beautiful weaving pattern that looks and feels amazing.  Made from 98% recycled post-consumer polyester and even 100% recyclable.

Packaging - Our iPhone 13 collection already was a paper construction, yet for the iPhone 14 we now also use 100% GRS Recycled plastics for the in-store hook, making the packaging fully environmentally friendly.

We still have a few more things like to improve and update for our iPhone 15 Collection, but for now, can’t wait for the iPhone 14 serie pre-sale to start as I am fortunate to have maybe gorgeous cases lying around for them.

Which iPhone are you getting?

Love, from the Njord Studio

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