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Premium Salmon Leather Accessories

“Njorð byELEMENTS, inspired by
legends, designed in Denmark and
handcrafted by experts.”


Njorð byELEMENTS creates stylish and functional fashion accessories for Apple devices using the finest natural materials and craftsmanship. Featuring premium sustainable materials like genuine Icelandic Salmon Leather, our products embody the Nordic idea of 'Hygge', where comfort and cosiness are intertwined beautifully throughout our minimalistic and timeless designs.

Available in 4 deep yet calm contemporary colors, the salmon leather natural tones become pronounced and build character with use of the case. Building patina over time - making your case uniquely yours.

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Sustainable & Socially Responsible

Elegantly designed, handcrafted accessories for Apple devices made from Premium Icelandic salmon leather.

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