Salmon Leather Case, MagSafe - Vatn
Compatible with Apple MagSafe magnetic charging system, the Salmon Leather cases for iPhone 13 series have a smooth yet refined texture giving them a comfortable and unique tactile feel. Raised edges on both front and back protect your screen from...
from €57,08
Salmon Leather Case - Vatn
Finally, a lid that sticks! The cases for AirPods Pro are a two-piece comfortable soft touch TPU construction, wrapped with our beautiful Icelandic Salmon Leather giving a smooth and unique refined tactile feel. Keep your AirPods Pro safe in style...
from €34,08
Salmon Leather Watch Strap - Vatn
Pre-Order now! Shipping beginning of December! With our signature Salmon Leather inlay and a genuine Vegan Leather backing, our watch straps for Apple Watch are the perfect fashion accessory for smart and casual lifestyle. At Work, travel or chilling in...
from €57,08
Salmon Leather Case - Vatn
Njorð byELEMENTS cases feature the best sustainable and premium quality materials in the market. Our salmon leather, smooth and refined to the touch with a distinguishing appearance, is sustainable, socially responsible and produced environmentally friendly. The skins for our salmon...
from €47,54
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